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D Antono, Bianca Associate Professor Health psychology

Behavioural medicine
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - C-350 514-343-6111 #54061 Upload the vCard of D Antono, Bianca
Dagenais, Christian Full Professor Program evaluation

Psychosocial intervention
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - C-355 514-343-5789 Upload the vCard of Dagenais, Christian
Dagenais Desmarais, Véronique Associate Professor Psychological well-being in the workplace

Psychological health in the workplace
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - C-356 514-343-6111 #38498 Upload the vCard of Dagenais Desmarais, Véronique
Daigneault, Isabelle Associate Professor

Full Professor
Sexual abuse

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - D-301 PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - D-301 514-343-2487 514-343-2487 Upload the vCard of Daigneault, Isabelle
Dalla Bella, Simone Full Professor PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - A-108-1 514-343-6111 #44069 Upload the vCard of Dalla Bella, Simone
Daspe, Marie-Ève Assistant Professor Couple psychology

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - D311 514-343-6111 #38170 Upload the vCard of Daspe, Marie-Ève
De Guise, Élaine Associate Professor Traumatic brain injury

Neuropsychological assessment of adults
CAMPUS LAVAL - 6230 514-343-6111 #53078 Upload the vCard of De Guise, Élaine
de la Sablonnière, Roxane Full Professor Social changes and adaptation

Social identity
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F309-5 514-343-6732 Upload the vCard of de la Sablonnière, Roxane
Doyon, Julien Adjunct Professor Cognitive neuroscience

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