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Lecours, Serge

Full Professor


  • Telephone 514-343-2333 Pav. PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN \ Ext. D309
Lecours, Serge


Research expertise

I essentially try to better understand the links between affect regulation and psychopathology, mainly by studying mental functioning (mentalization, alexithymia). Part of my work bears on the theoretical analysis of these themes, using a mainly psychoanalytical approach that integrates elements of theories of emotion. I also conduct empirical research using a number of methodological strategies: discourse analysis (quantitative and qualitative), creation and use of questionnaires, experimental tasks, etc. I created a grid for verbal elaboration of affect (GÉVA), a verbal measurement of affect mentalization, a central part of many research projects.

Research themes:

  • Mentalization and affect regulation
  • Exploration of forms of alexithymia
  • Study of affect mentalization in psychopathology, particularly depression and borderline personality disorder
  • Analysis of the role of sadness and positive emotions in mentalization
  • Assessment and treatment of mental functioning

Areas of expertise


Publications choisies :

Lecours, S., Descheneaux, E., Briand-Malenfant, R. (2013). Affect regulation and mentalization in narcissistic personality disorder. In J. S. Ogrodniczuk (Ed), Understanding and treating pathological narcissism (pp. 129-145). Washington: APA Press.

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Lecours, S. (2011). Perspective psychanalytique. In J. Descôteaux A. Brault-Labbé (Éds), Motivation et émotion : Fonctionnement individuel et interpersonnel (pp. 211-244). Montréal : Éditions CEC.

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Philippe, F. L., Koestner, R., Lecours, S., Beaulieu-Pelletier, G., Bois, K. (2011). The role of autobiographical memory networks in the experience of negative emotions: How our remembered past elicits our current feelings. Emotion, 11(6), 1279-1290.

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Lecours, S., Bouchard, M. A. (1997). Dimensions of mentalisation: Outlining levels of psychic transformation. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 78(5), 855-875.

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